Financial matters

2020 prices of spring semester:

Price of one chosen study module is EUR 3900 (VAT tax is not applicable to study services).
Price of the thesis writing module is EUR 3900. Students can write a final thesis after completing 3 study modules.
​The total price of the studies is 15 600 EUR.
The enrolment fee is EUR 100. 
The enrolment fee shall be paid to the account of ISM University of Management and Economics provided below, and a payment slip shall be presented together with other documents upon signing of the study agreement. If studies are discontinued, the enrolment fee will not be refunded.
Enrolment fee payment slip filling information:
Recipient: ISM University of Management and Economics
Address: Aušros Vartų g. 7A
Recipient bank: DNB Bank AB
Account No.: LT574010049500436891
Bank code: 40100
Abbreviated fee, payment description – enrolment administration fee
Fill in your full name in the payer’s field
Payment amount – EUR 100.
For all admission and study questions please contact:
Tel.: +37061301131