Management studies Alumni / MA Club

MA Club:
ISM MA Club is a public organisation. Any graduate of ISM MA studies can become a member of this organisation.
ISM MA Club was established in 2002 by the initiative of the first MA study graduates. Today the club connects more than 100 graduates of different years. The club members share their experience and knowledge, participate in leisure activities, find new business contacts and carry on cooperation with ISM. The members are united by high business culture, honesty and professionalism.
The MA Club organises meetings with experts in various fields, prominent and interesting business and public representatives, as well as seminars on relevant management issues, and participates actively in the ISM community life. The Club annually organises management conference, internship academic events, while summer festivals for the club members and Christmas parties have already become a tradition.
The Club adheres to the principles of continuous improvement and lifelong learning, encourages to maintain relations with the academic and business community, and contributes to development of the business culture and improvement of management competences of the members.
ISM MA Club – a forum of fellow scholars enriched by people and works.
ISM MA Club – a space, where business people reveal their potential, improve and speak the same language.
We are united by high business culture, honesty and professionalism.
We are driven by the ideas and initiative, skills and thirst for knowledge.
We are happy to be together, because our club is built on tolerance and trust, friendship and optimism, impartiality and understanding.
The supreme managerial body of the ISM MA Club is the Annual Conference, which elects the club’s council and the members of the board.
The Board of the ISM MA Club in 2017:
Aurelija Burokaitė – President
Laurynas Savickas – Vice President
Jūratė Kučienė – Treasurer
Tomas Ridikas, Julija Ramoškaitė, Ramūnas Gumbis, Vykintas Stakėnas – members of the Board
Club membership:
How to become a member?
Any graduate of ISM MA studies can become a member of the ISM MA Club by submitting an application to the club’s board. You can send a filled out application to this e-mail address:
Annual membership fee is 120 EUR. The payment must be provided within one month of the beginning of the reporting year to the settlement account of the ISM MA club:
Registration number: 9574655
Settlement account:  LT49 7300 0100 7431 4075
Bank Hansabank AB
Bank code 73000
The main responsibilities of the club members are:
seeking the aims of the club by common efforts,
promoting the name of the ISM MA Club to the business society,
active participation in the club activities, events and projects,
adhering to the club statues and paying a membership fee.