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Exchange programme

ERASMUS Student Mobility for Studies


Switzerland (Šveicarija)


FHS St.Gallen, University of Applied Sciences, is the largest educational institution at the level of universites of applied sciences in Eastern Switzerland.   As a member of the International University of Lake Constance (Internationale Bodenseehochschule ), FHS St.Gallen is associated with universities in Austria and Germany. This cross-border cooperation in tutoring and research is a special feature of the region and serves as a model for international cooperation. Now there are 1385 undergraduate level students and 1380 postgraduate level students.
Study language
Primarily German, some English
Courses offered for exchange students
Undergraduate and graduate:$FILE/fa_inof_fbwi_Courses%20offered%20in%20English_Overview_AY2010_11.pdf
Other options:$FILE/fa_inof_fbwi_Modul%C3%BCbersicht%20Deutsch.pdf
Information for incoming students
Application deadlines for exchange students
For Autumn semester – 1 May
For the Spring semester - 1 October
Preliminary semester dates
Autumn semester – End of September - End of January
Spring semester - End of February - Beginning of July
Social guide