Rinkodaros principai (MNG103, EN)

Course description

Marketing is the set of human activities directed at facilitating and consummating exchange. The tools of marketing (product development, pricing, distribution, communication, etc.) are not only applicable to business organizations but to such institutions as foundations, government bureaus, museums and public school systems. Marketing is fundamental to our way of life, it affects us as consumers, as citizens, as legislators and as businessmen. Looking at our present world (underdeveloped nations, consumer dissatisfaction, changing values, resources limitations, magnitude of marketing expenditures, etc.) we can see that marketing is dynamic, complex and froth with problems and opportunities. This vast potential of unsolved problems and untapped opportunities demand creativity and resources. Marketing can be exciting if you like to understand and to cope with human behaviour, to contribute to both others and yourself and to confront uncertain situations.

Course aim

To provide students the fundamental knowledge of current marketing theory and to put backgrounds for market oriented thinking.

Learning outcomes

  • To name major marketing concepts, analyse marketing evolution and its current role in business.
  • To analyze and research micro and macro environments, by determining the major marketing threats and opportunities for acting of new business establishment or product.
  • To identify market opportunities and propose products or services that meet consumer expectations to the market.
  • To name the major segmentation criteria, to identify market segment on the basis of custom segmentation principles, to select target market and the most appropriate market coverage method.
  • To adapt marketing mix elements for target market having regard to micro and macro environment, product life cycle and company’s resources.
  • To draw basic annual marketing budgets.
  • To work in a team, to present work results in written or oral form, to argue decisions.
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