Braižyba (FUN130)

Course description

This course brings main understanding of engineering graphics and develop platform to use engineering information in form of drawings and 3D models. The aim of the curse is to deliver fundamentals of engineering graphics, understand various types of graphic information and find necessary object and its features within documentation. This course introduces students to basic techniques in interpreting details, assembly drawings, 3D representation of objects, architectural drawings, electrical and electronic diagrams, block diagrams and other types of graphics. The student should be able to understand the drawings used in the manufacturing process, assembling and installation of a product. In this course, students are required to prepare their own graphical information as well as documentation often used in industry field.

Course aim

Students will learn how to apply developed theoretical methods of engineering graphic in communications wide range of specialists within project group or teamwork by using professionally prepared graphics.

Learning outcomes

  • To understand purpose of technical graphics, know and use them according its classification, know technical documentation conduction rules, be able to understand examples, know main types, form and standards of drawings.
  • To understand and explain technical information provided in various forms and types of graphics.
  • To prepare main types of technical drawings, operation manuals and other technical information documents according to standards.
  • To develop spatial thinking skills by documenting engineering solutions and analyzing technical graphical documentation.