Tarptautinė rinkodara (MNG124)

Course Description

This course aims to provide students with a strategic perspective of the role of marketing in international context. It explores how daily lives of global consumers are shaped by products from all over the world. Subsequently, the course discusses how international brands should consider the diversity of their consumers into consideration, when designing their products and services, in order to enhance their international competitiveness. Special emphasis is put on the application of emerging marketing paradigms – including experiential and transformational marketing – at international scales.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand global forces and major trends that shape international markets
  • Understand how marketing and branding decisions should reflect world market characteristics
  • Identify and classify potential opportunities to serve international markets
  • Develop effective marketing plans to systematically guide the internationalization endeavors of firms
  • Apply emerging paradigms (i.e. experiential and transformational marketing) to the context of international branding
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