Bakalauro baigiamasis darbas (POL117)


In the Economics and Politics program a Bachelor Thesis is written during the eighth semester and is worth 15 ECTS credits. A Thesis is written in English. While writing a Bachelor Thesis students synthesize and augment knowledge and skills acquired during the study at ISM and demonstrate possession of competences required of the recipients of a Bachelor degree in Economics and Politics. In terms of its content and methods of analysis, a Thesis must inter-link objects of several disciplines, particularly those of economics and of politics.

Learning outcomes

  • To be able to define the research problem and the main goals of a Thesis in a concise way.
  • To be able to perform a review of academic literature, relevant to the problem-area and the main goals of a thesis.
  • Be able to present a testable hypothesis, consistent with assumptions derived from literature review.
  • Be able to collect quantitative and/ or qualitative data and perform appropriate empirical analysis to ascertain the validity of the hypothesis.
  • Be able to demonstrate proficiency in academic writing, proper literature citation and compilation of a reference list.
  • Demonstrate ability to present findings of the thesis to an academic community of peers and defend the thesis in front of a faculty panel.
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