Nekilnojamojo turto ekonomika (ECO115)


Students will study a range of real estate market economics topics. Real estate and real estate market characteristics, major market parameters will be discussed theoretically and by using practical examples. Students will have an opportunity to evaluate socio-economic factors impact on real estate market functioning, real estate market trends will be analyzed as well. Major valuation approaches will be applied to learn how to value different types of real estate.


The aim of Real Estate Economics course is to introduce diversity of real estate as an object, peculiarities and uniqueness of real estate market as well as application of systematic approach when analysing major market parameters. Other part of the subject is dedicated to present major practical real estate activities - real estate development, real estate market analysis, valuation and investments into real estate as well as property management. After graduation of the course students shall be able to interpret various data related to real estate market analysis, apply proper valuation methods for property valuation as well as pass real estate valuators assistant exam.

Learning outcomes

  • Analyze major real estate market (REM) parameters and environment impact to REM.
  • Analyze real estate market functioning and make forecast of future trends.
  • Evaluate different type of property using different methods: income approach, sales approach and cost approach.
  • Analyze and make real estate investment desicions.
  • Overview the process real estate market participants activities and processes applying systematic approach.
  • Work in teams, present work results both in writing and orally, substantiate decisions taken.
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