Jannis Angelis
Trumpas aprašymas (mini CV): 

Jannis Angelis is an Associate Professor of Operations Strategy at Indek, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden.

As a researcher, Jannis read a PhD at Cambridge focusing on operational flexibility at P&G. He also explored strategy at Harvard, flexibility and productivity in knowledge-intensive firms at Stanford and Berkeley, the human side lean at Cambridge, high performance organisations in aerospace at Oxford and MIT. With previous teachings at Cambridge, Warwick and Stockholm, he is the current country champion on teaching excellence at Oxford's education society.

Professional roles include work on export processing zones at the ILO (UN), associate director in a venture capital firm in London, director of a niche consulting firm, and international consultant at ITC (WTO/UNCTAD).

With an interest in strategies and operational capabilities for sustainable competitiveness, current research explores:

  • Blockchain 3.0 – Strategies and implications of next stage Blockchain, with a shift from current ledger technology to service provision and advanced data management.
  • Algorithmic management – Performance management systems and measures in a rapidly changing environment. The data-driven performance covers automated or machine self-learning managerial functions of operations or staff.
  • Sustainability – Manage change when pursuing a sustainable business strategy, including appropriate management tools and guidelines; and performance indicators for humane and sustainable operations within and across supply chains.
  • Service strategies – Operations and strategies to reduce commoditisation and increase competitiveness, primarily in knowledge intensive settings.
  • Management practices in public services – Use of various practices to provide efficient and effective management in health care and schools.

Academic output has in brief been 20-odd journal articles, three books, ten book chapters, over 100 articles in conference proceedings and others writings, many invited academic, policy and business related talks, supervised six PhDs and 200 student projects, awarded 12,600,000 SEK in external grants and 50,000 SEK in internal grants, led two major research projects, advised on policy and assessed EU and national grants, while collecting four teaching awards and eight research awards in the process including the international lean excellence Shingo Prize and the Skinner and Voss best papers awards.