Prancūzų kalba II (HUM135)

Course description

The purpose of the French language II (A1.2) level program is to further develop communicative linguistic capacity of the students, help to obtain the abilities of the common oral and written produce, exercise the abilities of listening, writing and understanding of audio recordings required for every day activity situations. The methods of sectional and paired work, role plays, and work within the virtual environment MOODLE are used for assimilation of the course material. By reaching this level students will gain the essentials of listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, will understand the most common words, expressions and language structures related to the main personal matters,  and use them in the spoken and written language. Communicative linguistic capacity is activated by performing a various linguistic activity (reception, produce or mediation – verbal translation).

Course objectives

To provide the students the essentials of the French language in level A1.2 at the layers of all linguistic skills capacity (listening, reading, speaking and writing), required when communicating in every day and professional situations and ensuring the successful further deepening and development of French language knowledge.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand and use basic French grammar.
  • Conduct conversations in everyday situations and contexts relevant to topics covered, with emphasis on vocabulary building. Develop skills in asking and answering questions, expressing feelings, emotions and opinions, likes and dislikes.
  • Demonstrate comprehension of short written and oral texts from various sources. Demonstrate the ability to give brief oral and/or written summaries. Develop vocabulary related to topics discussed.
  • Give presentations, participate in meetings, discussions and negotiations.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of cultural, geographical, and historical similarities and differences between French-speaking countries and the students’ home country(s).
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