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Vokiečių kalba II (HUM147)

Course description

This beginner’s course (A2 level) in the German language enables students to acquire an appropriate beginner’s level of competence in German as a language and a culture through communicative learning and interaction. This course is the second of a two-semester sequence, which emphasizes basic communicative competency, or, the ability to confidently and meaningfully use German in a variety of social and professional situations. Students will supplement the development of language abilities by also learning about the culture of German-speaking countries.

Course objectives

In this German language course, students will:

  • learn basic A2 level German communication skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing): vocabulary, syntax and grammar;
  • begin expressing themselves in oral and written form on everyday topics, with a particular eye to already starting to build a business and economics related vocabulary;
  • explore the contemporary culture of German-speaking countries.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding and usage of basic German grammar.
  • Conducting conversations in everyday situations and contexts relevant to the topics covered, with emphasis on vocabulary building; developing abilities to give and answer questions, express feelings, emotions, opinions, likes and dislikes, communicate in casual and routine situations that require simple and direct exchange of information on familiar topics and activities.
  • Displaying comprehension of short written and oral texts from various sources; demonstrating the ability to give brief oral and/or written summaries; developing the vocabulary related to the topics discussed; writing short notes and messages and a very simple personal letter.
  • Giving presentations, participating in meetings, discussions and negotiations.
  • Demonstrating an awareness of cultural, geographical and historical similarities and differences between German-speaking countries and the students’ home country(s).
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