Sociologijos įvadas (HUM118)

Course description

Sociology involves the systematic study of the character and patterns of human interactions, structured by historical events, beliefs and social influences acting on an individual, a family or a wider social group.  Sociology should choose students who are interested in our society’s analysis which will uncover processes occurring in the society, social structures, culture, socialization, deviations, social stratification, structure and function of various social institutes, etc.

Course aim

Using main sociological definitions and theoretical perspectives uncover sociological way of thinking, enable students to describe, analyse and understand various social phenomena as well as to foresee problematic situations in social life (on the level of wider social groups) and find a reasoned way to solve them, using the sociological concepts, data and insights.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand main sociological definitions, concepts and theories.
  • Analyze phenomena and social change in modern society.
  • Identify and interpret connections between various social phenomena.
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