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ISM mentoring project "Alumni to student" brings ISM students and graduates together since 2014. The project mediates them forming a mutually beneficial interaction.

ISM alumni from different fields dedicate their time to share their experiences, consult and give advice to ISM students on different questions: How can I reach my goals? How to plan my career? How to be successful in studies and other activities? Students and alumni are also encouraged to continue communicating outside the official program after the official mentoring period ends.

The renewed project is starting to co-operate with the mentoring platform idialogue. This platform was developed by ISM Alumni - Saulius Alksnis, in order to facilitate the mentoring process. ISM is the first university in Lithuania which decided to use such platform.
Plan of the project
1. Mentors registration.
2. Student registration, candidacy and start of communication with the mentor.
3. Three-month mentoring process, informal meetings, exclusive events for the participants of the project.
4. Final event.


Why participate in the mentoring project?

  • You will have the opportunity to interact with active and successful ISM alumni informally
  • You will learn more about your field of interest and career opportunities in that area
  • You will gain valuable career building advice
  • You will broaden your professional network
  • You will learn how to navigate challenges and move forward towards your goals

Register here:

Participation is FREE. 

How does it work?
After registration, you can choose any of the Mentors. After setting up the goal and sending the invitation via the platform, within 48 hours, you will receive a Mentors' mail. 
How to prepare for mentoring?
After registration, the principles of mentoring and success factors are found on the idialogue platform, so help is guaranteed!
How long does it take to mentor?
With one Mentee - up to three months.
What tools and channels are used to communicate?
It depends on you and your mentor - live meetings, emails, Skype, Calls, etc.
What do you need for mentoring to succeed?
Knowing your goal, responsible preparation for meetings and open mind.


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