Atvira paskaita "Innovation DNA: How To Win In A Chaotic World"


Global competition means most enterprises have become operationally excellent. Unfortunately, the better an organisation is at the ‘continuous improvement’ job, the worse it will be at innovation. And, unfortunately, in today’s rapidly globalising, VUCA world, innovation has become a core survival skill. Leaders and managers now have a new job: how to continue the essential operational excellence work and also create breakthrough new process, product, service and business model innovations.

The lecture will examine best and worst practices of some of the world’s leading enterprises, and in so doing demonstrate a series of clear, repeatable and pragmatic recipes for certain-to-win success.

​Mann is CEO of Systematic Innovation Ltd, a UK based innovation company with offices and affiliates in the US, India, Malaysia, Korea, China, Japan, Denmark, Turkey, Australia and Austria. Started using Systematic Innovation in 1992, he continues actively use and develop the Systematic Innovation methodology, with the help of 30 full-time research staff. Darrell is the author of best-selling ‘Hands-On Systematic Innovation’ and TrenDNA books. Since 1998 he was teaching systematic innovation methods to both technical and business audiences, and to date has given workshops to over 16,000 delegates across a broad spectrum of industries and disciplines. For the last 18 years he has helped many of the world’s top companies to create stronger IP, participating in the creation of over 500 inventions.

Featured in Who’s Who in the World, Darrell is now recognised as one of the world’s most prolific inventors. He is a visiting professor at the Universities of Warwick and Buckingham in the UK, and Taylor’s University in Malaysia. Now Darrell Mann comes to ISM as a visiting professor to Business Process Management module (ISM Executive School, Master of Management).

Event time: 6 p.m. 20th of February, 2020.

Venue:  ISM University of Management and Economics, III building, room 114B.

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