Atvira paskaita anglų kalba "Emotions and feelings which make us entrepreneurial and innovative" su Prof. Dr. Fabian Bernhard


Take a moment and try to remember the last time you had an exceptional idea. How did you feel in that very moment, just before the spark of creativity hit you? Did this emotional state influence you in your creativity? And do you have a general tendency to feel this emotion? These are essential questions and in my presentation I will discuss with the audience which emotions make us creative and how we can stimulate them to increase engagement at work and in private life.


Dr. Fabian’s Bernhard article “Boosting your creativity with negative emotions: The case of self-conscious emotions”  is here

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Prof. Dr. Fabian Bernhard is an Associate Professor of Management and part of the Family Business Center at EDHEC Business School in Paris, Lille, Nice and London. He is a research fellow at the University of Mannheim in Germany. Equipped with the insights from his own family’s business, Fabian Bernhard worked several years for a renowned financial consulting company in New York. In his academic work he specializes in the emotional dynamics in businesses, the preparation of next generational leaders, and the psychological attachment in family businesses. His articles have been published in various academic and practitioner outlets as well as in the public media. Fabian Bernhard is a recipient of several honors and awards for his work on family businesses, such as the best dissertation honorable mention by FFI at Harvard. Since 2014 he has been serving on the editorial review boards of the Family Business Review (FBR) and the Journal of Family Business Strategy (JFBS). Since 2017 he has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Family Firm Institute (FFI) in Boston.

As a visiting lecturer, prof. Fabian Bernhard teaches at ISM Executive School, module of Applied Organizational Psychology. 



Event time: 6 p.m. 19th of  March, 2020.

Venue:  ISM University of Management and Economics, III building, room 114B.

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Interview with Fabian Bernhard about insights from his own family business here

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