Atvira paskaita anglų kalba "Aligning Marketing and Sales for Effective Strategy Implementation" su Prof. Dr. Joe M. Pons


Companies are spending an important quantity of resources and managerial effort at coordinating the activities of two departments that seem to be logically connected. Definition of objectives, Key Performance Indicators and Incentive systems contribute to facilitating or hindering the alignment. Clarity as to which one of them is more in the driving seat is also required, and is often clouded by frequent changes in the competitive situation.


The session will look into the market conditions that make the problem more crucial and will focus on specific approaches that contribute to improving the alignment, even if no magic formula exists that guarantees success.

Dr. Joe M. Pons lives in Barcelona Spain, where he founded and is currently President of AXIOMA Marketing Consultants, a firm specializing in strategic marketing projects as well as in the training and executive development aspects that usually go hand in hand with Customer Orientation activities.

For 14 years he was a Marketing Professor at IESE International Graduate School of Management in Barcelona and for 3 years he was Director of its highly acclaimed full time MBA Program. He has worked, as consultant, among others, for Henkel, Electrolux, The World Bank, Deutsche Bank, Telefonica, Omnicon, ABN Amro Bank, SoftServe, BBVA and Bertelsmann.

Dr. Joe M. Pons is a visiting lecturer at Strategic Management and Value Innovations module, ISM Executive Master of Management programme.





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