Quality of ISM

Quality assurance principles of ISM:

  • We aim not only to ensure but also to continuously improve the quality of studies.
  • The whole community is responsible for quality assurance and improvement.
  • Our students, lecturers, graduates and other social stakeholders’ opinion and their involvement in the quality assurance process are important to us.
  • We aim for alignment of external and internal quality assurance.
  • We guarantee transparency of the quality assurance procedures.
  • We are open to the quality assurance recommendations provided, we implement them and provide feedback.
  • The quality assurance system of ISM complies with national and international standards.

Internal quality assurance of the studies of ISM:

The principle of subsidiarity is important for quality assurance; this principle means that the decisions concerning activities must be made at the level at which the solution of all problems and procedural issues is the most effective. In such a way, when the right to make decisions is delegated to the level where it is the most effective, responsibility for the quality of the activities is also divided among all levels:
  • Institutional level,
  • Programme level,
  • Subject / module level.​

Students' survey results: